Month: January 2014


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Monica is instructing HR 230 Recruitment & Selection at SIAST in Saskatoon from January 13 to April 28!  For more information or to attend, click here.

ACTION 2014!

Monica conducted an ACTION packed workshop in the community of Hazlet in November 2013.  ACTION is already happening! Great job Hazlet! Can’t wait to see more from your enterprising community!

Hanna Progress

The Rural Alberta Business Centre just completed its first Hive Project in Hanna! Much MORE TO COME in 2014!

Homestyle Pies Promotes Belles

Cochrane Times - Homestyle Pies

“Homestyle Pies got a facelift courtesy of several groups looking to revitalize rural Alberta. Part of the changes comes from the Rural Alberta Business Centre’s Hive approach, which will help small businesses thrive together through shared spaces.”

Read full article here: Hanna Herald – Homestyle Pies Joins Belles

Strathmore Chamber of Commerce Awards


In October last year, Monica was the keynote speaker at the Strathmore Chamber of Commerce Awards, speaking ahead of the awards being handed out.

The November 1, 2013 article “Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala” from the Strathmore Times highlights her presentation [see page 4].