Additional Presentations

Monica Knight

Shosholoza is a South African folk song with a beat and chant that can be likened to the sound of a train moving ahead. It is a Zulu word meaning to push forward, endeavour or strive, and it evokes a sense of pride. 

Transformational leader Dr. Monica Knight embraces Shosholoza and is not afraid to do things differently! You are in for a treat as she shares her experiences and messages by incorporating music and dance.

Choose from one of four Signature Keynote Presentations, a full day workshop, or ask Monica to customize them to your conference theme or needs.

Signature Keynote Presentations

Dance to the Beat of Your DrumDance to the Beat of Your Own Drum
Women’s Conferences | Women’s Groups | Cultural Agencies | Youth | Helping Professions
Personal development

Pension, Passion and Purpose
Retirees | OLDERpreneurs | Seniors Groups | Women’s Groups
Personal development

Diamonds on the Soles of Your Shoes
Women’s Conferences
Splurge & Save tips to “live the rich life”

Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-AirFeet Firmly Planted in Midair
Women’s Conferences | Community Development | Professional Associations & Organizations | One-to-One
Balance & Goal Setting

All Signature Keynote Presentations (60 – 90 minutes) can be supplemented by Practical, Participative and Action Orientated workshops (90 – 180 minutes) where Monica takes attendees on a magical roller coaster ride to turn dreams into reality.

Signature Workshop

Ubuntu Team Building
Move your team-building into high performance
Cooperation & Interdependence