Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Women’s Conferences, Women’s Groups, Cultural Agencies, Youth & Helping Professions 

Dance to the Beat of Your Drum

To make your women’s gathering ROCK!

Through music, dance and her own brand of humour, Monica takes the audience on a magical mystery ride and exposes the personal beliefs that keep us clinging to safe routines, bad habits, and disempowering attitudes. Once she has ‘shone a light’ on the truth of who we are as human beings, she inspires participants to move forward in their lives by embracing change.

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She has never failed to amaze me with her energy, creativity and her ability to engage people.
– Cyril Kesten, Ph.D., Professor of Education, University of Regina
What a performance! You are great. I loved your message and your unique style of presentation. We have heard nothing but good remarks – “best ever”, “great Saskatchewan talent”, “head office needs to know about her and on and on they go”.
– Margaret Worobey, Regional Coordinator, Investors Group.