Month: May 2018

Thrive in a Tribe update

Dr. Monica Knight is leading business educators beyond the myth that entrepreneurs are born, not made. She says that,

“There is nothing magical about the entrepreneurial mystique; it is not mysterious, and it has nothing to do with the genes. It is a discipline and, like any discipline, it can be learned. And creative and innovative entrepreneurial thinking can be applied to any situation throughout the spectrum of life.”

A dedicated practitioner of entrepreneurship education, Dr. Knight blends knowledge, skills, and attitudes in an inspiring shift to learning in a workshop environment. 

Monica is facilitating the 3 day Thrive in a Tribe Train-the -Facilitator workshop* from May 22-24, 2018 with Regina Treaty/Status Indian Services (RTSIS) in Saskatchewan.

This FUN and INSPIRING workshop does much to nurture an enterprise culture in yourself, your organization or your community. More details are available here.


*THRIVE IN A TRIBE  is Module 10 in a series of 12 modules presented by DRAGON 9 Training.

Just Older Youth 2018 Spring Conference

As an OLDERpreneur, Monica has shattered stereotypes and obstacles, and turned her vision into reality.

On May 16, she will talk about this in Thorsby, Alberta, when she presents her inaugural “Pension, Passion and Purpose” keynote address at the Just Older Youth 2018 Spring Conference. That same day, Monica will also present the break-out “Having the Time of Our Lives: A Session on Time Management”.

Pension, Passion and Purpose is now available as a Signature Presentation for women’s or seniors’ groups, and retirees.

Dr. Monica Knight at VIU

Earlier this spring, Monica successfully defended her Doctoral Thesis:

A Case Study of the Lived Experiences of Individuals: How Experiential Exercises Aid Entrepreneurship Teachers to Understand Intrapreneurship and the Art of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Now, Dr. Monica Knight has been appointed professor in the Faculty of Management at Vancouver Island University. Her courses will include Organizational Behaviour, International Human Resources, Negotiating, and Principles of Management.