Monica KnightDr. Monica Knight is an entrepreneur, speaker, facilitator, motivator, teacher and consultant who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Regina, a Masters in Leadership and Training, and a Diploma in Education.

Her career path has taken her from Europe to India and Africa and now Canada. The indomitable Monica works in leadership and economic development to facilitate creative, and innovative collaboration. Individuals flourish and simple results nurture the miracle of optimism, revitalization and resilience.

Her Ph.D. work highlights “collaborative individualism”, or “intrapreneurship“. Her toolkit and examples foster an entrepreneurial spirit and stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives. Participants in projects learn that they too can be enterprising wherever they can exercise discretion, confidence and self reliance.

Monica’s spirit is unique and avant garde and her wisdom is presented through music, dance and humour. She inspires, challenges and encourages others to release their own right-brained caged bird. Hold on tightly for a magical roller coaster ride that promises to keep breaking cycles of negative patterns.

Early in her memorable career, Monica was reluctant to describe herself as a “motivational speaker” feeling this implied that she knew the right way for others to embrace the joys of life. Now, after years of  plentiful evidence and positive feedback that her words, personal examples and unique presentation style have inspired and “motivated’ individuals, groups and communities – she has embraced this gift and acknowledges that, when many sing her praises…

everyone needs “a little bit of Monica in their lives”!


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