The Art of Entrepreneurship

RESOURCE KIT (includes supplies, manual, videos and personal coaching from Monica and the team) available for $375

Also includes “The Art of Entrepreneurship” authored by Monica.

"The Art of Entrepreneurship”
coming January 2021.
Published by Wood Dragon Books

“The Art of Entrepreneurship”
coming June 2021
published by Wood Dragon Books >>

Monica’s learning and experience in innovative teaching and collaboration have brought her to this Shosholoza! Legacy Project.

This is the Resource Kit for teachers, enterprise facilitators, and community development specialists designed to understand the process of entrepreneurship, and inspire the mindset of entrepreneurial thinking and artistry. 

Monica promotes entrepreneurial thinking as being an art. Her speeches and workshops are fun and informative, and incorporate exercises designed in collaboration with entrepreneurs and teachers/ facilitators of entrepreneurship. 

Monica also explains and promotes INTRAPRENEURSHIP, making it come to life for students through experiential exercises. (see this recent article >> for a great example of intrapreneurship).

All components are straightforward, tried and tested.

Warren Buffet said:

“Business schools reward difficult complex behaviour more than simple behaviour, but simple behaviour is more effective.”

Monica is justifiably proud of this SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE Resource Kit and supportive approach to implementation for teachers.

Contact Monica for more information or to purchase a Resource Kit.

Designed for K-12 Entrepreneurship 200 and 300 AND successful with all age groups!

Monica explains The Art of Entrepreneurship:

Valérie présente l’art de l’entrepreneuriat en français:

Koren Bear on the Art of Entrepreneurship